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The internet seems to be going crazy about the health benefits of this spice, is it really the miracle that it claims to be.

On this site we will try to help you make the right decision about this spice and even other spices and herbs which may be proving to be better then some of the drugs out there, and why some of the big pharmaceuticals are getting worried that their big profit making NSAIDs may suffer from this spice, 

So lets talk a little about Turmeric to maybe get you to understand a little about this spice
So what is Turmeric, Turmeric is a member of the ginger family, ginger also shares some of the same properties as turmeric, ginger has a stronger flavour and turmeric has the better benefits. Most of us see turmeric in its powder form, this is achieved by first boiling the rhizomes and either kiln drying or sun dried, the dried rhizomes are then ground to the familiar bright golden powder we see in the store.

The spice is also one of the components in many dishes and is used extensively in curries, mustards and cheese, because of its distinctive colour turmeric has been used as a dye for clothing more modern fast dyes have meant its use for this is not used now in the modern world.

Turmeric is extensively used in traditional medicines and is an important spice in Ayurveda medicine a system of Hindu traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent.

Turmeric and its many compounds are showing promise in recent research and may be able to prevent or treat some of the serious illnesses that blight the western world. These researches have been in the area of Alzheimer’s and heart disease, in cancer and diabetes, in helping the liver in hepatitis and treating depression.

In addition to the dried spice the fresh rhizomes and leaves are traditionally used in many ways,


The Different Species.


Turmeric can be found in many types around the world, the most commonly grown is the curcuma longa variety which is easy to grow and can be found growing wild in many areas of India, the active compound curcumin is normally found to be about 3%.  A variety of curcuma longa is Alleppey, this variety is favoured in the growing regions of the United states and has a higher curcumin content often up to 6%.

Turmeric in History.

Turmeric has a long history, use of the spice can be traced back thousands of years, its use as a dye in clothing and cosmetics as a body dye is well documented, its mentioned in text as a medicine going back over 500 years BC. It was called the Indian saffron due to its similar colouring to saffron


Why are the Pharmaceuticals getting worried.

When you start to read some of the reports from arthritis sufferers after starting to take Turmeric, where they are reporting being pain free and mobile, where Turmeric has given them back their life and they rarely need their pain killers, you can understand why.

NSAIDs are big business normally sold with a massive profit margin. The companies try to justify this by claiming research and production costs, the truth is that many of these drugs have been around for years and the research costs were recovered decades ago, and the new ones, most are just rehashed versions of the old ones, they see their profits shrinking, so why are they worried.
Turmeric is a food, you cannot patent a food.
Turmeric is safe with no reported side effects.
With the all the hundreds of studies being carried out, all coming back positive are we seeing a true miracle, or a Turmiracle.

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