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When I first started my Turmeric Journey Jen and I were both in our late 50s. Now getting close to pensions we still enjoy our life in Bulgaria
A few years ago we decided to retire, not able to do it in the UK we moved to Bulgaria, all was well but we found we were working harder here then when we had jobs, but we were doing it for ourselves, the garden take up so much time, but of course we do get time to relax.
As time went on we were finding the garden harder and harder, and the pains after the work were making our relaxing time intolerable without the dreaded painkillers.

We were nearly at the point of giving up and seeing our dream destroyed through ill health, speaking to a friend and relaying our fears she said, have you tried turmeric, never heard of the stuff, she told me a little and the internet told me a lot.

So off I went and came back with a bag of powdered turmeric and started having a teaspoon full in milk twice a day, well it was nothing short of a little Turmiracle, the pain eased and within a couple of days we were pain free, I could not believe it. I could work in the garden and yes I would ache but I could do it and the following day would wake ready for more.

One of my problems is that I am a bit over weight and extremely unfit, but maybe as time progresses I will be able to work longer and maybe start exercising lets hope.

I had another problem, I did not really like the taste of Turmeric and I wanted this Turmiracle to last, my friend introduced me to capsules, very expensive in the stores but make them up yourself and the cost plummets.

Now the capsules are great, but only contain about 500mg of turmeric, I was taking about 10g at two spoon fulls a day. During my research I found out that with the addition of other spices you can greatly enhance the effect of Turmeric
It was then that I developed Turmiracle, combining Ginger and black pepper I developed a mix that is 20 times better then Turmeric alone
Ginger when combined with Turmeric complement each other and the piperine in the black pepper increases the bio availability by 2000%
This was great news as it means I now only take about a gram of turmeric and the action of the piperine in the black pepper makes it work much better.