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Age, medical problems and many prescribed medicines do not do a lot for the male libido.
Over time most medicines for hyper tension can cause problems, often it will creep up slowly, you do not realise its happening.

Adding turmeric into your diet can reverse or even stop this happening, because of its blood flow properties.

In addition to Maca and Fenugreek you can give your testosterone a welcome boost 


Did you know that  erectile dysfunction (ED)? , is a common complaint - and not just among elderly men.

What are the Causes of ED?

There are a whole host of factors that play a role in male impotence. The most common causes of ED can include:

  • chronic disease (such as atherosclerosis)
  • Hormone imbalances (e.g., low testosterone levels)
  • Medications (such as antidepressants, cold and allergy antihistamines, diuretics and other high blood pressure medications, and antacids)
  • Your lifestyle (e.g., smoking and alcohol use,)

Stress and anxiety also contribute to ED,

Can Turmeric Help?

Turmeric has many compounds and lots of properties that studies show help improve blood flow
Some of the better known compounds in turmeric that can help keep arteries healthy are
  • Curcumin found at 3% of turmeric
  • Quercetin 
  • Vitamin E
  • Niacin

In some animal studies turmeric's compounds worked better and longer than doses of Viagra®. And could may be better as viagra® does nothing to effect a cure which is good for the company that makes it. It was found that curcumin and a water-soluble version of the turmeric compound significantly improved sensitivity and erectile function. It worked by stimulating enzymes and natural antioxidant activity that directly affect tissue.

In addition because of the bodies overall well being that turmeric may give the whole sexual act is or can be greatly improved.

< I have had hyper tension for many years.

I now use Maca and Fenugreek which I normally have about 2 grams per day.

In addition I use turmeric in cooking and Turmiracle as a supplement, turmeric has so many health giving properties and Turmiracle enhances these effects.

I have found that the effect of the high blood pressure medication is greatly reduced using these supplements and while its not perfect I find I can maintain a normal lifestyle without the dangers of yet more prescribed medication.

Will it work for you, that I can not answer, but the low cost of these herbs and spices can make it well worth trying. Most can be found at your health food store.

The benefits of Tumeric is well worth the small expense, and your overall well being and feel good factor can sometimes make all the difference. Lets face it special times with your partner can be easy ruined because of the aches and pains caused by arthritis.