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Now you have read it all and you want to know what to do next.
My aim is to get people to help themselves, read the script below and you can learn how and what you need to do
Of course many people in this busy life want to know where they can buy products rather then make their own.

On the right you will see a small list of products I supply.

When you know what you want click on the contacts link and let me know.
There is many courses of action you can take, from the very low cost to the down right stupidly expensive.
So lets start at the bottom, the cheapest and maybe easiest way to use this spice is in cooking, their are many fantastic recipes to keep you from getting bored.

Next there is filling your own capsules, the joy of this is the convenience and ease of carrying a few capsules with you to take where ever you are at any time of the day and you know exactly whats in them.
Finally there's store purchased capsules these are by far the most expensive at over 10 times the cost of filling your own, and most are missing the important ingredient of Piperine,
Dont just buy any Turmeric,
The most active ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin, health food stores sell turmeric extract capsules and tablets, these are 95% curcumin, this has been extracted from the turmeric and the curcumin free turmeric is then sold on.

So make sure you buy good quality turmeric, later on I will add some places known to sell natural turmeric which is of a known quality.

For cooking go to the recipes page, but you can also do an internet search for recipes using turmeric.

So you decide you want to fill capsules.

This could not be easier, there are many capsule filling machines out there, e bay is a good place to look, just make sure you get the same size machine as to the empty capsules you buy. The 2 most popular sizes are "0" and "00". I use an "0" machine and find that I can get up to 600mg of powder in them.

The capsule machine can fill 24 capsules at one go and in a short while you will work out your own efficient system, I now do a batch in about 6 minutes so in an hour you have got 3 or 4 months worth.

I could go into detail but this lady explains it a lot better, click on the you tube link to the top right of the page takes you to a video demonstration.
So you have your machine and are ready to go, lets say you want to make 4 lots, that will be 96 capsules. So you need to get your Turmeric and black pepper ready. 96@600mg is about 58 grams of powder.

I add a little bit more black pepper and for this I would do 50grams of Turmeric and then freshly grind the pepper to get the weight up to 58 grams, mix well and then fill your capsules. In a short while you should have 96 filled capsules. (I add more pepper then needed and you can adjust the turmeric and pepper to suit your own needs)
Follow the above link to find more turmeric benefits.
If you do not want to fill your own capsules we can supply quality home made filled capsules, we are based in Bulgaria so please be advised that the addition of postage and packaging cost may outweigh the benefits of buying them locally.

If you wish to purchase from us please click on the contact us link on the bottom of the page

Turmiracle Capsules

Turmiracle Capsules contain our own special blend of spices designed to achieve the best results with all natural spices each 600mg capsule contains Turmeric, and black pepper or with added ginger. from 4/5/17 we now use a higher quality turmeric. turmeric curcumin content can vary a lot from batch to batch, we now use a higher cost turmeric which has a more constant curcumin content. This insures a higher quality product, and we have decided not to pass this cost on to our customers.

Due to a 28% increase in postal costs we are sorry to announce we have had to increase our prices, new prices will apply from 15/11/19. (our last price increase was May 2015)

Turmiracle Capsules 600mg available in any quantity @ £0.042p each + P&P
Turmiracle Organic.

All organic ingredients, capsules filled to order, either turmeric and black pepper or with added ginger (Please note organic ingredients are more expensive and this will be reflected in the price

Please request price before order.

Example Price. We recently filled an order for 1000 capsules at 0.061p per capsule

Garcum Capsules
Garcum Capsules contain an equal amount of Garlic and Cumin. these two spices complement each other in their health giving properties. Each 600mg capsule contains Garlic and Cumin.
Garcum Capsules 600mg available in any quantity @ £0.042p each + P&P
All natural Fennel Capsules

Fennel has many healing properties, our fennel is grown organically and watered by the rain and natural spring, dried by the sun and ground to fill the capsule. (please note due to crop failure, fennel capsules are not currently available)
All natural Fennel Capsules 600mg available in any quantity @ £0.025p each + P&P
Fenugreek Capsules.
Fenugreek is reported to have many health giving properties not least increased Libido and male potency and has been proved to aid milk production in lactating women. Each capsule contains 600mg of Fenugreek powder.
Fenugreek Capsules 600mg available in any quantity @ £0.05p each+ P&P
We can fill capsules with any dry products you wish, the only limit is availability of the ingredient you would like, please e mail requirements and we will endeavour to satisfy your request.
All stated weights are correct at time of packing.
Prices may vary, any increase will be advised before posting.

I have shipped extensively through out Europe and Australia, Most European destinations I can ship 360 capsules post and packing included for £25, (or equivalent value in your currency).

Australia 500 capsules for AUS$ 55 post and packing included.

(prices updated 15/11/19.) Due to a 28% increase in postal costs, Oct 2019, we have had no choice but to increase our prices, again we have decided not to put the full cost on to the customer and keep our prices fair.

Turmiracle are pleased to announce we can now ship extensively throughout Canada, for all orders please contact our representative. Deanne Harris at. https://www.facebook.com/CandeeHarris

Other countries please inquire to your customs department if import of food supplements in powder form is allowed.

Turmiracle can now supply all organic ingredients turmeric capsules, either turmeric and black pepper or with added ginger, please ask for a quote.


From November 2015 we will only be using Veggie capsules in all our products, Veggie capsules are about 50% more expensive then gelatin but there will be no increase in price as this is our decision to provide a better product and still keep prices low.

We still have a small stock of Gelatin capsules and will use them by request only.

We do not hold any stock of filled capsules, all capsules are filled to order, this insures your product arrives at the highest quality available.

Please e mail all orders to the address on the contacts page full price including postage will be sent by return and goods dispatched when payment received.

We try to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment.


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