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Here I will post success stories from people who have used turmeric and their results.

I was so pleased to read this, on a facebook group a lady came on asking for advice, here follows here question and my advice followed by her reply only 5 days after starting her horse on turmeric
Hi everyone first time on here and I'm in need of some advice for my horse and been advised by hundreds of people to join this group and give turmeric (my vet said it cant hurt to try a natural route first) a try before I either bute her up permanently (which i dont want to do) or make the hardest decision of my life and let her go due to issues with her joints and I have a feeling she is gonna struggle this winter but I honestly don't feel she is ready to go yet... Can anyone suggest what form of turmeric to go for ie is the pure ground root the best bet or what form is also were is the best place to buy it from and links if possible online also what dosage would everyone recommend for a 16.2hh approx 900kg 16yr old draft mare and finally how long would people say it takes for it to take affect etc... Sorry for the essay i just want to make sure i make the right decision for my girl.
  • Roy Webb You can make the paste or just mix the ingredients into the food, what ever suits your lifestyle.

    this is a little story from another TUG group.

    Coming into last winter it looked like I was going to have to let my horse go, he was in so much pain, but I bottled it, I could not destroy him, now I am so glad I was weak. In February I found out about Turmeric, started using it and was amazed, the other day when I went to put him to bed he galloped over to me, I nearly cried, (actually I did), he has not done anything but a slow walk for a long time.

    Not the exact words but the best I can remember, but the point is that turmeric saved her horses life, we all hate to see our horses and pets in pain.

    Their are lots of accounts of people taking their horses of Bute after starting on turmeric.

    Dose levels, sounds like your horse is bad if you are thinking of euthanasia, so I would suggest hitting it hard and fast. So maybe forget about the paste first off and mix a cup of turmeric oil and black pepper into her feed, if possible twice a day.

    As soon as you notice it is working start to reduce the dose down, if its easier for you make the paste and bring it down to a couple of scoops a day, this is where most find the maintenance dose to be.

    Go for the powder, 100grams of powder is about the equivalent of 1Kilo of fresh root.

    Lots of people have used Thunderbrooks good prices and excellent delivery service, but there is a list of suppliers that people have used here.


    If you can keep a diary and keep in contact with your vet, you may find that her stool will be a bit loose, if this happens do not worry, once you bring the dose down she will return to normal.

    And finally, let us know how you get on.
  • Alison Baker I would be careful giving it in large amounts straight away, my mare was having less than a tablespoon split inbetween her feeds daily, after six days she had colic, it was only mild, but think this was due to the Tumeric.
  • Roy Webb good advice, Alison Baker, Equinetec the makers of Turmericle recommend 50g a day, some have suggested that it could be the pepper that can cause reactions, with the pepper at 16:1 you are getting a 2000%, (20times) better absorption then turmeric alone, so if you are giving a large dose then you could reduce the pepper down greatly, 50:1 would work.

    And again keep a keen eye if giving a large dose, you know your horse and will see any change quickly.

    Went on facebook this morning and had a notification this is what I read.
    • Ok so a few may remember i posted a few days ago looking for advice for my mare well i started her on turmeric and black pepper and I'm shocked i wasn't expecting to see any kind of results so soon but shes doing amazing i honestly thought i would have to make the heartbreaking decision to put her down but shes doing amazing she is galloping around like a youngster no sign of pain and the soundest shes been in years and even more shocking is that her ear had been extremely swollen for over a year due to a sudden tumor but even that has started to go down and shes letting me touch it... I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for your help and advice it has saved my girls life and i get a bit longer with her and I'm even considering to bring her back into extremely light work if she continues to improve I'm just shocked i cant believe it i honestly wasn't expecting it to work but it seems to be ive had a lot of people comment on how great shes suddenly looking

      — feeling excited.

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