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many of these videos are promoting a product, but I am not trying to sell anything.

I have included these links to try to get people to understand how turmeric may help.

Use my web site to find how you can use this spice and work out the best way for you.

If you are interested in capsules have a look at my products page, shows you how to fill capsules, and if you still want to purchase a capsules product I would be pleased to supply you with my capsules.
This link all though promoting a product has some very good points that tell how turmeric can benefit you.
Turmeric as a first line of defence. Again another promotion but some very good facts
How to use the capsule Machine.

Who should not consume Turmeric.

Using Turmeric root, An immune boosting natural Anti-Inflammatory.

Turmeric for Inflammation. How much is enough.

Turmeric. A hope for stroke patients